Danger Moving Machinery Risk Of Trapped Hands Sign

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Stay safe around moving machinery! Our “Protect Your Hands” sign serves as a friendly reminder to be cautious. Order now for a safer workplace.



Promote Safety with our “Danger Moving Machinery: Risk of Trapped Hands” Sign

Ensure workplace safety and prevent accidents with our high-quality “Danger Moving Machinery: Risk of Trapped Hands” sign. Crafted from durable Sealwise material, this sign guarantees long-lasting visibility and withstands challenging working conditions.

Multiple Size Options for Enhanced Visibility

Choose from three size options (A3, A4, A5) to suit your specific requirements and improve visibility in your workplace. Select the perfect size to effectively communicate the potential danger and attract attention.

Flexible Fixing Options for Easy Installation

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred fixing method. Whether it’s magnets or foam pads, you can easily attach the sign to any suitable surface, ensuring hassle-free installation and secure placement.

Our “Danger Moving Machinery: Risk of Trapped Hands” sign serves as a visual reminder of the potential hazard of hand entrapment near moving machinery. By prominently displaying this sign, you communicate the importance of caution and raise awareness among employees.

Invest in our high-quality sign today and prioritise safety in your workplace. Order now and ensure the well-being of your employees by effectively communicating the risk of trapped hands near moving machinery.

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Weight 2 kg

100 x 150, 200 x 300, 300 x 400


3M Foam Pads, No Fixings

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