Cleaning Shadow Board 1800 x 1200

£199.00 + Vat

Customise Your Shadow Board! Your perfect, organised workspace is just a few clicks away. Select and purchase this preferred shadow board size, and then follow the easy steps below to personalise your board. Send us images of your utensils alongside a ruler for precise scaling. Want a hassle-free experience? Just get in touch — we can handle the entire process for you, ensuring your shadow board is flawlessly tailored to meet your specific needs. Start your journey to an immaculate workspace now!



Introducing our amazing Shadow boards ? the ultimate tools for improving workplace efficiency and safety. These specially designed boards transform how your workplace is organised, making operations smoother and your environment more efficient.

We carefully make these boards in-house using strong Sealwise material to ensure high quality and durability.

Mounting our Shadow boards is easy. Their secure design allows for effortless attachment to walls or other surfaces, creating spaces for efficient tool storage. No more searching for lost tools or dealing with messy workstations.

The benefits of our Shadow boards are impressive. Clear visual cues help employees quickly understand where to place each tool or equipment when not in use, promoting organisation, eliminating clutter, and simplifying tool retrieval. By emphasising proper storage and safe usage, our boards actively reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Experience the power of our Shadow boards today and witness their positive impact on productivity, safety, and workplace harmony. Take your organisation to new heights.


Customisable to Meet Your Needs

The shadow boards displayed on this page are sample designs. We understand that every client has unique needs and preferences, and we are committed to meeting them.

Personalised Layouts

The layout of the shadows on each board can be customised to fit your specific utensils and requirements. You do not have to conform your needs to preset designs; instead, we conform the designs to meet your needs.

Begin With Board Size Selection

Before proceeding with the customisation, start by selecting and purchasing this shadow board. This essential step allows us to ensure that the design and layout will fit precisely into your workspace. After this, follow the subsequent steps to personalise your shadow board, send us your utensils’ images, and finalise other details.

Send Us Your Utensils’ Images

To create a shadow board that perfectly fits your utensils, send us the images of your items, ideally photographed next to a ruler for scale. This will enable us to design shadows that match each utensil’s exact dimensions and shape accurately. We ensure each utensil has a designated place for ease of access and organised storage.

Get in Touch — We Will Do All the Work

Reach out to us and we will arrange the entire process for you, ensuring your shadow board is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Start Your Custom Shadow Board Journey Now

We are excited to work with you to create a shadow board that enhances the organisation and efficiency of storing your utensils. Begin your journey now by adding this board size to your cart.

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