1800mm x 1200mm Shadow Board With Utensils

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The 1800mm x 1200mm shadow board with utensils, offered by The Safety Sign Company, is specifically designed for enhancing workplace efficiency and safety in wet environments or when cleaning up water and other liquids. Constructed from sturdy 6mm WCB material, it features colour-coordinated utensils and hooks from the reputable Hillbrush range, renowned for their quality, durability, and suitability for use in moist conditions. To ensure longevity and facilitate cleaning, the board is laminated, providing an additional layer of protection against water and wear.

Recognising the diverse needs of our clients, we provide the option to request bespoke colours for both the board and the shadow outlines at the point of checkout. For those in need of extra utensils, our hygiene section offers a selection that is compatible with wet environments, and we will integrate their shadows onto the board for a fully tailored setup. Each board is meticulously designed, and a proof is dispatched for customer approval prior to printing, ensuring the finished product precisely meets your requirements.

This specialised shadow board is an indispensable tool for storing and organising utensils in areas prone to moisture, playing a vital role in upholding health and safety standards. By clearly marking a spot for each implement, it diminishes the risk of accidents, guarantees hygienic storage, and assures tools are readily accessible when required, making it an essential component for any workplace dealing with water or liquid management.

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