PLH3 – 1400mm One Piece Polypropylene Handle

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1400mm Polypropylene, metal-free handle. It is light, seamless, and has an ergonomic grip making it very comfortable and easy to use. The shaft is hollow, for lightness, but is sealed so that water or soil cannot get in. Being all-plastic, this handle does not conduct heat, making it good for use in cold stores. It fits any broom or squeegee in our Hygiene Range, and is ideal for light to moderate work, for most brooms and squeegees 380mm wide or less. Plastic has its limitations, and is not as strong as metal. Discretion should be used when using with any brush or squeegee over 15″ wide. See also ALH27, ALH8 and FGH2.

Dimensionsfor this item

  • Length: 1400 mm
  • Width: 32 mm
  • Height: 32 mm
  • Weight: 0.45 kg

Characteristicswhat's it made of

  • Material: Polypropylene


  • Min Usage Temperature: -18 °C
  • Max Usage Temperature: 79 °C

Additional information


Blue, Green, Red, Tangerine, White, Yellow, Black, Purple, Brown, Grey


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