Hillbrush offers glazing brushes, nail brushes, various types of scrubbing brushes, niche and detail brushes, sink brushes, counter brushes and wire filled brushes. These come in a variety of colours to suit your HACCP or 5S system. The blocks are solid polypropylene, filled with polyester PBT filaments secured (with a few noted exceptions) with stainless steel staples. Most hand brushes are available resin set as an option (view full range of Resin Set brushes)

There hand brushes are very effective, very durable, rot proof, corrosion proof, have smooth easily cleaned surfaces, and may be autoclaved in temperatures up to 135°C. They are made for demanding industrial and food processing environments.

Hillbrush does not use inferior PET polyester; or foam (sometimes known as blown) polypropylene blocks, or flagged fibres (banned for use in food preparation areas by the European Brushware Federation), both are impossible to keep clean and not suitable for hygienic areas.

All components in thier brushes are FDA and EU approved for food contact.